If you intend to use this component with Finsweet's Table of Contents attribute follow these steps:
  1. Remove the current class from the content27_link item as Webflows native current state will automatically be applied.
  2. To add interactions which automatically expand and collapse sections in the table of contents select the content27_h-trigger element, add an element trigger and select Mouse click (tap)
  3. For the 1st click select the custom animation Content 27 table of contents [Expand] and for the 2nd click select the custom animation Content 27 table of contents [Collapse].
  4. In the Trigger Settings, deselect all checkboxes other than Desktop and above. This disables the interaction on tablet and below to prevent bugs when scrolling.

Regent Policies & Agreements

Last modified: April 2024

We've partnered with Regent Bank to offer you banking services, such as your debit card and demand deposit account. Your funds are securely deposited in an FDIC-insured account at Regent Bank. By creating a Raenest account, you have consented to adhere to the policies, agreements, and disclosures mandated byRegent Bank