Powerful financial features for businesses

Raenest lets your business access powerful & tailored financial features such as multi-currency payroll, invoicing, virtual bank accounts and debit cards.

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An all-in-one platform to manage your financial tasks

Raenest simplifies all your daily and monthly financial routine.

“Raenest makes it easy to ensure our team and partners get paid, no matter the region of the world they work in. That’s very important for a company like ours that’s completely remote. Before, we had to prepare payroll at least a 10 days ahead.”

Mo Felata

CEO @ Loomo Finance

Pay employees across the world in multiple currencies.

Invoicing for

Create invoices in different currency to receive payments.

Virtual USD
Debit Cards

Manage company expenses with unlimited debit cards.

Integration with
Finance software

Sync transactions with your favourite software in one place.

Extra amazing features businesses enjoy using Raenest

Raenest saves you time by giving you access to powerful features in one place.

“Raenest has been a super useful platform for us. We started to use them to pay staff and vendors right after they launched and it hasn't failed us one bit. So happy we agreed to join the pilot phrase.”

Seun Alley

COO @ Fez Delivery
Multi-Currency Wallet

Manage company operations with a highly functional multi-currency accounts.

Competitive Global FX Rates

Enjoy competive exchange rates that matches market realities in real time.

Payouts to Suppliers

Easily make payments to vendors and suppliers anywhere in the world.

Compliance & Onboarding

Onboard staff with contracts that is compliant with local labour laws.

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with Raenest

Simple Onboarding for your Remote Workers

Instantly onboard your African remote workers compliantly with contract templates tailored with local labour laws.

Accounting Integration

Automatically sync all your transaction details to your favourite software on your Raenest account.

Auto-Pilot Payroll

Set your payday and schedule payroll ahead. You don't have to visit the app to process your company payroll.

Multiple Contract Type

Be it Fixed Rate, PAYG, Milestone or Full Time contract ~ pay across different contract type.

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Pay global, stay local

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Send money without borders

Enjoy the best exchange rates

Secured high quality tech protection

Debit cards for your company spending

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to set up a demo to use Raenest?

No, you can sign up right off the bat. We are also happy to schedule a demo with you here ~>

What do I need to sign up for an account?

You will need to submit some basic information like legal full names, official email address, billing address & other supporting docs like entity incorporation. You will also need to go through ID verification.

How do you take security?

We take security pretty seriously. All our pages are HTTPS enabled. Passwords are hashed with the bcrypt algorithm.

What funding methods do you support?

We support numerous method when it comes to funding your wallets. We support bank transfer, card, ACH, SEPA, PAD, Wise, PayPal, and many others.

What does it cost to use Raenest?

Different features with different pricing methods. The Payroll Feature is priced per talent/month. While other features like card spending, payouts to suppliers, invoices are transactional.

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